The special calcium zinc stabilizer developed for high-speed extrusion and high filling of PVC is mainly a processing raw material additive synthesized by special composite process with calcium salt, zinc salt, lubricant and antioxidant as the main raw materials.

Product introduction

It is applied to PVC, WPC foamed profiles and foamed plates. It meets the Rosh standard and makes lead-free and environment-friendly PVC extrusion products that meet the export requirements.


25kg/ bags.


Stored in a cool and dry warehouse, and avoid rain and damp. Keep away from fire and heat source during storage. Avoid exposure to the sun, and prohibit direct contact with acid and alkali or mixed storage..

Product features
  • Green environmental protection: free of heavy metal elements (lead \ barrier), which can meet the requirements of the latest environmental protection standards of various countries (such as EU rhos directive, reach directive, etc.).
  • Vulcanization resistance: in the field of PVC door and window profiles, products using composite lead heat stabilizers are easy to pollute with sulfur and tin, resulting in blackening, while calcium zinc stabilizers will not be affected.
  • Good system switching characteristics: it can directly replace lead salt and organotin stabilizer. The conversion of traditional composite lead heat stabilizer to organotin stabilizer will cause cross pollution, the product will turn black, and calcium zinc stabilizer will not be switched and blended at will.
  • Product features: give PVC mixture good uniform plasticization and high-speed melting fluidity, and make the surface of products brighter No impurities, high-efficiency weather resistance, wide application range and less dosage. Among white products, the whiteness is higher than that of similar products.
  • High cost performance: it has good lubricity and unique coupling effect, improves product performance, reduces mechanical wear and prolongs the service life of the equipment. It is not easy to precipitate because of its balanced lubrication Long production cycle.
WPC Flooring Fomula
NO. Product Name Application Weight(kg)
1 PVC-SG7 PVC resin powder 75
2 CACO3 calcium carbonate 75
3 H90 Foaming agent 6-8
4 PE wax External lubricant 0.4-0.8
5 AH616 Yellow foaming agent 0.2-0.4
6 NH302 NC Foaming agent 0.6-1.0
7 YH-507 Calcium zinc stabilizer 3-5
8 HG60 Processing aid 0.5-0.9
9 3316H Plasticizer 0.2-0.4
10 CPE135A Toughening agent 1.5-2.5
11 Recycle material Recycle material 50
Product performance
White powder
Heating reduction ≤25%
oxide ≥20%
Melting range 80-150℃
Calcium content% 10-15
Apparent density g / M ³ ≥0.35
Volatile matter% ≤1%
Powder diameter 40 mesh passing rate 98
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