NH-302 foaming agent is a heat-absorbing foaming agent, combined with AC foaming agent can makefine, denseanduniform pure white plastic foaming products.

Product introduction

Extruded, injected foaming products for PVC, TPE, EVA.


25kg/ bags.


Stored in a cool and dry warehouse, and avoid rain and moisture. When storage must be kept awayfromfiresource and heat source, avoid exposure, no direct contact with acid or alkali.

  • The foaming performance is stable
  • Decomposition fast and safe
  • The surface is very clean
  • Bubble are uniform and fine
WPC Flooring Fomula
NO. Product Name Application Weight(kg)
1 PVC-SG7 PVC resin powder 75
2 CACO3 calcium carbonate 75
3 H90 Foaming agent 6-8
4 PE wax External lubricant 0.4-0.8
5 AH616 Yellow foaming agent 0.2-0.4
6 NH302 NC Foaming agent 0.6-1.0
7 YH-507 Calcium zinc stabilizer 3-5
8 HG60 Processing aid 0.5-0.9
9 3316H Plasticizer 0.2-0.4
10 CPE135A Toughening agent 1.5-2.5
11 Recycle material Recycle material 50
Product performance
Processing ability : the foaming process of ordinary AC foaming agent with NH-302 can be better controlled, andtheprocessing temperature of 170-200 ℃ can achieve the best foaming effect.
Mechanical properties foaming products can form an independent spherical bubble chamber, formingahoneycomb-like stereo structure, which can obtain a good mechanical strength.
Characteristics heat absorption foaming agent
Gas yield approximately 140-180ml/g
Start of decomposition approximately 110-130 ℃
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