It is white powder in appearance and can promote the plasticization of products and improve the fluidity. This processingaid can directly replace ACR and CPE with good plasticization and high strength.

Product introduction

LH-801 is a kind of high-efficiency composite processing aid for SPC flooring

Mechanical properties

Form : White powder


25kg/ bags.


Stored in a cool and dry warehouse, and avoid rain and damp. Keep away from fire and heat source during storage. Avoid exposure to the sun. It is strictly prohibited to directly contact or mix with acid and alkali.

Product performance
  • The production cost can be reduced by adding less amount.
  • Good quality. Inprove product quality of finished product.
  • On the basis of the original formula ,Stabilizer can be reduced 1/3,CPE can be reduced half. And no ACR&G60 add.
  • With good plasticity.
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