Chlorinated polyethylene (CPE) is a saturated polymer material, which is white powder in appearance, non-toxic and tasteless. It has excellent weather resistance, ozone resistance, chemical resistance and aging resistance, as well as good oil resistance, flame retardancy and coloring performance.

Product introduction

In PVC production, cpe135a can increase the toughness and cold resistance of products and increase the notch impact strength. In the toughening of PVC, cpe135a has better weather resistance than MBS, and ABS is lower than acrylic impact modifier.

Product features

It is suitable for PVC processing with excellent chlorine content and toughness. No odor, non-toxic.


25kg/ bags.


Stored in a cool and dry warehouse, and avoid rain and damp. Keep away from fire and heat source during storage. Avoid exposure to the sun, and prohibit direct contact with acid and alkali or mixed storage.

WPC Flooring Fomula
NO. Product Name Application Weight(kg)
1 PVC-SG7 PVC resin powder 75
2 CACO3 calcium carbonate 75
3 H90 Foaming agent 6-8
4 PE wax External lubricant 0.4-0.8
5 AH616 Yellow foaming agent 0.2-0.4
6 NH302 NC Foaming agent 0.6-1.0
7 YH-507 Calcium zinc stabilizer 3-5
8 HG60 Processing aid 0.5-0.9
9 3316H Plasticizer 0.2-0.4
10 CPE135A Toughening agent 1.5-2.5
11 Recycle material Recycle material 50
Product performance
appearance White powder
tensile strength ≥9mpa
Volatile matter ≤0.5%
Excellent weather resistance
Improve the surface gloss of profile
Low thermal shrinkage
Improve fillet weld strength
Wide processing range, suitable for high-speed extrusion
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